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Healthcare in the United States is broken. Our conventional medical model is based on a framework that manages symptoms with medication, rather than addressing root causes and focusing on preventative care. On average, medical doctors receive one semester of nutrition training and have the capacity to see patients for a total of eight minutes during a session. Can you imagine explaining your health history and symptoms AND receiving treatment for those symptoms in just eight minutes? This format is unsustainable. 


This is where health coaching comes in. Health Coaches and Nutritional Therapists have the power to transform health care by connecting with clients on a deeper level around the foundations of vibrant health. We work alongside doctors and medical practitioners to provide holistic and well-rounded care to our clients.   


I believe that we all possess an unparalleled knowledge of how to heal our own bodies – I am just here to help you create a roadmap for your own healing journey.

  • Boosts energy

  • Supports mental health

  • Improves digestion

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Balances hormones

  • Decreases inflammation 

  • Support immune system

  • Boosts brain health

  • Stabilizes blood sugar

  • Addresses food cravings

If you are feeling run-down, chronically stressed, unrested and generally out of sorts,
If you are craving sweets and consistently struggle with the afternoon slump, nutritional therapy can help BRING YOUR BODY BACK INTO BALANCE.
If you experience painful periods, inconsistent digestion and skin issues, coaching can provide some relief by ADDRESSING THE FOUNDATIONS OF WELLNESS.
  • 1-on-1 sessions with a deep dive into your health history

  • A comprehensive discussion of your health goals and where they intersect with your current lifestyle

  • An assessment of current symptoms and nutritional imbalances

  • A customized plan with small steps you can take to empower yourself towards living your best life 

  • A non-judgmental and supportive space for you to be you while I gently hold you accountable to your goals 

  • Resources and unlimited text and email support

  • EXTRAS: customized meal plans, grocery tours, pantry clean-outs and cooking/meal prep classes

As your Health & Nutrition Coach, I will support and motivate you to empower yourself to create sustainable healthy lifestyle changes so that you can achieve your health goals. Through the process of coaching, you will re-learn how to listen to your intuition and to your body’s messages, and we will work together to identify your core values in order to transform your goals into action. Working with me as your Health Coach is as much about mindset around health as it is about determining nutrition and fitness needs.


I know that the health and wellness industry can be intimidating, alienating and exclusionary. As your Health Coach, I will help you work through any health-related fear while encouraging you to define the concept of health for yourself and for your unique body and mind. I am here to help you navigate punishing societal messages about what constitutes a healthy body so that you can move forward in health with compassion and confidence. We will do the investigative work to uncover imbalances and underlying causes of any physical symptoms you may be experiencing, and we will discuss your relationship with food in order to determine what your body needs for living a balanced life. All bodies are different - what works for one person may not work for another. This is why I approach coaching from the perspective of bio-individuality, working together with my clients to create specialized healing plans.

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