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I landed on the Health Coaching path through my  journey with PCOS, thyroid issues and digestive distress. Throughout my twenties, I struggled with digestion and “unconventional” hormones, but doctors couldn’t pinpoint the root causes of these issues. I sought tons of alternative therapies but I wasn’t quite ready to do the emotional work behind healing my physical body. While pursuing my MA in London, my health issues spiraled out of control and I became obsessed with finding a solution outside of myself, even though what I really needed was compassion for myself and for the hard work my body was doing to try to maintain balance. I had spent my twenties ignoring my body’s messages and it had finally had enough. My body wanted to be heard.


I was eventually diagnosed with PCOS and a slew of vague digestive disorders. My hormone panel was out of whack and my thyroid was just barely trucking along. Because of my symptoms and my family history of autoimmunity, I decided to make some pretty drastic lifestyle changes. I jumped headfirst into holistic nutrition and I adopted a real foods approach to healing. After graduating a year later, I halted my academic career in favor of sharing my knowledge and experience of PCOS and holistic nutrition with the wider world of weird women and gender freaks.  


Because taking charge of my own health and learning how to heal myself with nutrition, mindset and lifestyle changes has been an incredibly transformative and empowering experience.​


Because the health industry needs voices that offer alternatives to the societal messages that persistently encourage thin bodies and clear skin as the only valid health goals.


Because healing is not linear and often involves a lifelong course of self-knowledge.

Because any discussion of hormone health must include trans and gender non-conforming people and must be tackled from an intersectional feminist lens.



Nutritional Therapy Consultant certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association

Master's Degree in Gender Studies & Sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London


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